The Artist's House B&B is the original home of the Honourable Rolf W. Bruhn and Sara Bruhn.

Hon. Bruhn was a legend--entrepeneur and Member of Parliament, a Paul Bunyan to the loggers, and known as "Mr. Sicamous" to the locals.

The house was built with the lumber from Rolf Bruhn's mill. Each board and all the supplies were hauled up the mountain.

The railway was the centre of attention in those times, and all residents of Sicamous lived either on the CPR hillside or in the two hotels below. The Bruhn house was in the middle of this, and often filled with people as the Bruhns hosted parties for the locals and Members of Parliament.

The first major renovation happened when the Abercrombies purchased the home. They added the garage/patio and the great rock walls. The next big facelift occurred after 1995 when windows and roof were replaced, and a new paint job featured brighter versions of the original colours.

I hear Mrs. Abercrombie painted the inside and outside of the house...I wonder if she tied herself to the banister and hung out the window like the present crazy owner did?

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1922 Historical Home overlooking Shuswap Lake
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